Self-Evaluation Questions for Textbook Intro

You have now completed your introduction for our textbook, and your entry has been added to our OpenAmLit textbook.  We are ready for you to evaluate your work and give yourself a grade for this assignment.

Please reply to this message with your answers to the following questions:

1)  Did you do this work in a timely fashion and submit it to me in a Word document via email?

2)  Does your intro include basic background information on your author/text, give students a good idea of what to expect from the reading, and make the text more accessible? Explain your answer.

3)  Does your entry include at least one public-domain or cc-licensed image, and is that image correctly linked and/or cited?

4) Does your entry include relevant hotlinks to offer additional reading to interested readers?

5)  Did you carefully proofread your work, go to the writing center, work with a peer reviewer, or do other things to be sure your grammar, spelling, and mechanics are all solid?  Feel free to explain.

6) (ONLY FOR GROUPS) Do you have any information you would like to share about the work that other students in your group did for this assignment?  In addition, do you feel like you carried your own weight in this group?

7) What grade do you think you deserve for this assignment?  A 1 would mean that you turned in the work, but did a poor job, a 2 would mean that you met the minimum requirements of the assignment, and a 3 would mean that your work was solid or excellent in all areas, as indicated by your responses to the questions above.  Please feel free to add any additional comments to your answer to this question.

You will automatically receive a 0 at the end of the semester if you have failed to turn in your assigned intro.

If I agree with your self-evaluation, I will add that grade into Moodle automatically.  If I do not agree, I will contact you and we will work together to reach a consensus.