How to Set up Your Reclaim Hosting Domain

This is an excerpt from Jeremy Dean’s “An Annotated Domain of One’s Own,” available at:  (CCBY)

How To

Go to Reclaim Hosting — Jim and Tim’s start-upy spin off of their UMW work with A Domain of One’s Own — specifically go here, to their shared hosting services. Sign up for a personal plan for $25 a year.

You can install WordPress easily using the Installatron — great name, right? It’s pretty clear that these Reclaim guys are deep into cultivating web literacy in a real way when they offer a simple definition like this for “web application” to help a humble school teacher like myself navigate this brave new world:

WordPress is right there under Content Management apps:

I’m not going to walk through the whole process of getting set up with WordPress, but I’ll just say that, it didn’t take me very long to have a live front page at to which I could add a cool picture. Mostly you just click through the installer in Reclaim and then once installed you go to the admin portal for your WordPress install and you’re in WP:

I had some experience using WordPress, so it wasn’t hard to put up my first post, but WP makes it real easy for you to get started, presenting you with a cute little mock-up post that you can then edit. And here’s one of their tutorials on publishing a post just in case you can’t figure it out yourself:

An Annotated Domain of One’s Own

I will, though, briefly show how easy it is to add to a WordPress install like the one I describe setting up above. You can find the plugin by searching under “Plugins” in the WP admin dashboard menu. Click through to install and activate it. Then you need to go to Settings > Hypothesis and configure to appear where you want it to — everywhere in the blog or only on certain posts or pages (identified by the ID number shown in the URL when editing the post or page). I choose to activate on all my blog posts for now — and I also disabled page-bottom comments, because they’re so 2006:

by Jeremy Dean: see the original at

Note from Robin: make sure you pay the extra $7 for domain protection when you set up your domain.  Get the site set up first and we can assist you with the plug-in as a second step. Questions? Tweet @PlymouthIDS (all questions), @ReclaimHosting (Reclaim questions), @Hypothes_is ( questions). Use the #PlymouthIDS hashtag to get help from your Peer Advisors and fellow students!