Advisors for IDS Majors

Do you need advice on which courses to include in your IDS contract? For content advising related to your program, you can go to any faculty member at PSU.  If you need a place to start because you don’t know anyone in the fields that you are interested in, you can ask the IDS Director for recommendations or check out this list of volunteer faculty members who are willing to assist you: 

Department/Program IDS Advisor
Art Nick Sevigney (studio), Pam Annesser (Graph. Design), Phil Lonergan (studio)
Atmospheric Science & Chemistry Sam Miller (Meteorology), Jeremiah Duncan (Chemistry)
Biological Studies Brigid O’Donnell, Fred Prince, Len Reitsma
College of Business Administration Gregory Dumont,  Chen Wu, Christina Bradbury
Communication & Media Studies Cathie LeBlanc,  Eun-Ho Yeo
Computer Science & Technology Zhizhang Shen, Kyle Smith
Counselor Education and School Psychology Gary Goodnough
Criminal Justice Stephanie Halter
Early Childhood Studies Mary Cornish
Elementary Education & Childhood Studies Alison Wenhart
English Karolyn Kinane, Ann McClellan
Environmental Science & Policy  Joe Boyer, Brian Eisenhauer, Mark Green
Health & Human Performance Barb McCahan
History, Philosophy, & Social Studies Education John Krueckeberg (History), Maria Sanders (Philosophy)
Languages and Linguistics Language/French: Kate Harrington
Language/Span: Wilson Garcia
Linguistics: James Whiting
Mathematics Justin Wright, Emma Wright
Music, Theater, Dance Paul Mroczka (Theater), Amanda Whitworth (Dance)
Nursing Kathy Patenaude, Sandra Gamble, Ann-Marie Cote
Psychology Brian Healy
Social Sciences Brian Eisenhauer (Sociology), Laura Tighlman  (Anthro), Patrick May (Geography & Environmental Planning), Sheryl Shirley (Political Science), Adam Keul (Tourism Management & Policy)
Social Work Kristina Lind