Tips for a Great Blog Post

  • Be smart.
  • Know your audience. Since this is a public blog, do not refer to “this week’s reading” or other insider info from class. When you write about a text, refer to it by enough identifying info so that people can follow you. Do not aim your comments at me or at your classmates, but at a wider demographic. Envision the readers you hope to attract to the post, and write for them. Think about the voice to which these readers would best respond.
  • Use hyperlinks carefully. Hyperlink special information, central texts, or related critical articles. Don’t overdo it, but think about what YOU would want more info about if you were reading your post. Hyperlinks can be fun and/or informative. They should never be superfluous.
  • Add images. Images make your posts pop. Make sure they are cited correctly, and use cc-licensed images where possible. Use your own images for added coolness!
  • Embed video where possible. Videos are great when they are central to your post. Whether they are yours or someone else’s, remember that embedded videos are much preferred over linked videos.
  • Be mindful of length. Too short, and your reader may feel like it wasn’t worth it to read because there’s not enough meat. Too long, and folks will skim and miss your key points. Organize it effectively to make it easy to read, and use only the words you need to communicate your ideas thoroughly.
  • Titles should be both engaging and informative.
  • Blogs are an interactive media. How does your post ask your readers to engage? Is it provocative? Does is ask questions? Does it respond to other bloggers or commenters? Does it contribute to an ongoing conversation? Involve your readers!
  • Publicize your post on social media. Use Twitter (including relevant hashtags using # and tweets to key thinkers using @), Facebook (including relevant groups), and other online resources to drive readers to your post. If impact is a goal, then you need readers.
  • Cite properly. This includes ideas, quotes, images, video, etc. Give credit in order to encourage dialogue and collaboration (in addition to avoid breaking the law).
  • Consider a CC-license for your post. You can get them here:
    • What is a CC-license all about? Watch this for info:

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