Selected Video, Webinars, Podcasts

The Pedagogy of Pandemic: Open Learning for the Public Good (Keynote for Faculty of the Future)

Leveraging OER During COVID-19 (Webinar for New England Board of Higher Education)

Values-Centered Instructional Planning (Guest on the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast)

Remote Learning: How Are Colleges Adapting (Guest on NHPR’s The Exchange)

Coronavirus and Higher Education (Guest on the Leading Lines podcast)

Planning for an Academic Year During a Pandemic (Guest Appearance on Future Trends Forum)

The Keynote is Coming from Inside the House (Keynote for Digital Pedagogy Lab)

Digital2Learn Podcast

Personal Space: Rethinking “Distance” Learning (keynote for the Distance Teaching & Learning Conference)

The Future of Open Education (guest appearance on Future Trends Forum)

Introduction to Open Pedagogy (with R. Jhangiani, webinar for the Open Education Consortium and SUNY)

Interview with Robin DeRosa (for ACRL-IS Instructional Technologies Committee)

A Human-Centered Framework for Innovation (note updated title! keynote at the Technology-Enabled Seminar and Showcase in Toronto)

Sharing Open Pedagogy (Gettin Air podcast)

Considering Open Education with an Interdisciplinary Lens (Teaching in Higher Ed podcast)

Changing Our Minds About Teaching (Teaching in Higher Ed podcast)

Open for the Public (keynote at SUNY Oswego)

Open for the Public: Pedagogies Toward the Commons (webinar for the Global OER Graduate Network)

The Web We Need Students to Give Us: Pedagogy Toward the Commons (keynote for t3)

Open Education Inspiration (Teaching In Higher Ed podcast)

Introduction to Unit on Open Pedagogy for Librarians (video for SPARC Open Education Leadership Program)

Beyond OER: The Promises, Pitfalls and Potential of Open Education (address at Langara College and at Douglas College)

Open Education: Ownership, Access, & the Place of Pedagogy (address at Muhlenberg College)

Access (HybridPod podcast)

Open Education: Reducing Costs, Transforming Pedagogy (webinar for University of Prince Edward Island Open Access Week)

“Open” for the Public: Using Open Education to Build a Case for Public Higher Ed (Ignite Talk at the UC-Irvine Digital Media & Learning conference)

Putting the “Public” Back in Public Higher Education (opening address at University System of New Hampshire Academic Technology Institute)

Pedagogy in Public: Open Education Unbound (keynote address at Davidson College)

A Quick Intro to Open Education (video produced for Open Education Week)

Open Pedagogy and Web Annotation (Hangout with St. Norbert’s College faculty)

The Literary Anthology in Age of Web Annotation (webinar coordinated by

Witches, Pop Culture, and the Past (video for the New Hampshire Humanities Council)