OpenSem: Course Schedule

Tuesday  11/15/16 PROJECT RUBRIC IS HERE

Group Assignments are here.

  • Research

Thursday 11/17/16 PROJECT RUBRIC IS HERE

  • Research

Tuesday  11/22/16 PROJECT RUBRIC IS HERE

  • Paper Due: 7 pages minimum, 7 sources minimum, with: hyperlinks, openly-licensed images, Works Cited section. Posted to at least one ePort. FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD, CREATE SOMETHING USEFUL THAT YOUR PEERS WILL ENJOY READING! HARD DEADLINE!

Thursday 11/24/16 THANKSGIVING (No Class)

Tuesday  11/29/16  PROJECT RUBRIC IS HERE

  • Module Due by 9:30am: add this to your original paper ePort post. HARD DEADLINE.
  • NOTE!!! All back assignments due by midnight!
  • In class: class cancelled due to weather, but module and back assignments are still due as scheduled.


  • In class we will work on videos, including instructions for embedding.

Tuesday  12/6/16 IGNITE RUBRIC IS HERE

  • Meet in Lamson Open Lab 031
  • Video Due by 9:30am: post this to YouTube or some other hosting site and EMBED it in your original paper ePort post under the module. HARD DEADLINE.
  • Wild Card part of project is CANCELLED.
  • In class: we will work on Ignite Talks.

Thursday 12/8/16 IGNITE RUBRIC IS HERE

  • Meet in Lamson Open Lab 031
  • In class: we will work on Ignite Talks.

Final Exam: Thursday, 12/15 8-10:30am (no-shows will receive a 0 for Ignite Talks)