My Go-to Sites for Open Access & OER Info

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I was going through my bookmarks related to Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Access, deleting some and organizing others into groups, and it occurred to me that maybe other folks would like to take a look at this annotated list of reference sites that I keep at hand to help me when I have to make presentations on these topics.  This is not an exhaustive list of links, but just the ones that I am finding I return to the most often for basic background info on all things open.  Feel free to use the comments to tell me which sites are your tried-and-true sources!

Basic Definitions

Learn About OER This site by the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources has some good basic intro articles and videos, tutorials on OER, lists of blogs to follow, etc.

Readings for Open Access Week  Peter Suber’s list of articles explaining and exploring open access.

Open Education Handbook 2014 This free online book (from Open Knowledge) has chapters on definitions, history of the movement, OER how-to’s, licensing, open data, and on and on…

Open education: A study in disruption  This is a 2015 book that focuses on the changing roles of the university in the 21st Century, and how “open” can facilitate a new model for education.

An Open Education Reader This 2014 book stems from David Wiley’s grad class on Open Education, and it has sections on definiing free/open, the economics of open, and open textbooks, among others.

Making the Case for OER

Complete Guide to Open Educational Resources  This 2014 post has some succinct little myth-correction lists, and some basic points to argue when you first open the conversation with your administration or faculty.

Open Textbook Publishing  In this article published on the AAUP site, Joe Moxley argues that faculty, not publishers, should control textbooks.

Outcomes Evidence for OER

Impacts of OER and Student-Faculty Feedback Open Tapestry write-up of Kaleidescope project data from 2012 showing positive trends in faculty/student impressions of OER and student learning outcomes with OER.

Opening the Curriculum: Open Education Resources in U.S. Higher Education, 2014 The Babson Survey was funded by the Hewlett Foundation, and there’s some good data there about faculty use/perception of OER.

Impact of OER  This chapter from the 2014 Open Education Handbook offers links to recent studies.

The OER Evidence Report  This is the 2013-2014 report from the OER Research Hub.

On Quality and OER  This little post from Peter Suber offers some neat summaries of quality experiments that test the accuracy of information from traditionally peer-reviewed sources as compared to information found at more open platforms like Wikipedia.

The Review Project  This 2015 review provides a summary of all known empirical research on the impacts of OER adoption.

Open Textbooks: The Billion Dollar Solution  This is a link to the 2015 Student PIRGs report that concludes that conclude that investing in open textbooks has an exponential return on investment in student savings.

Finding/Using OER

OER Sites: Best Bets  The North Seattle College Library has a great guide that links to search engines for OER, and also tells you the pros and cons of each site.

Open Textbook Library  I like this site from the University of Minnesota because it has a great review process so you can hear what other profs think of various open textbooks.

Open Pedagogy

Open Digital Pedagogy = Critical Pedagogy There’s no question that Hybrid Pedagogy is the go-to journal for writing about open pedagogy and how technology can be part of a humane, service-oriented, and learner-centered future for the university.  This article is a good place to start.

Teaching in a Digital Age This book by A.W. (Tony) Bates looks at the changing shape of knowledge and the implications for teaching and learning.

Open Scholarship

Opening Access to Research  Peter Suber’s 2012 explanation of why we need to open access to research.

Open Access Explained! A cute video that explains the basics of academic publishing, as it was and as it is being changed by technology.

Open Access Overview  Peter Suber’s site was created over a number of years, from 2004 and 2013, and it’s full of great, succinct definitions and arguments related to bringing research into the public domain.

Open Access Myths  For folks in the STM fields, this is a cool list of myths and corrections produced by BioMed Central, an Open Access publisher

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