IS2225: Course Schedule

This syllabus is being built and will NOT BE READY FOR STUDENTS until September 4th. Please feel free to browse, but don’t do any planning based on what you see here!

9/11/17 Meet in Lamson 124

Bring a laptop to class if you have one! If you don’t have one, you will check one out for free at the Lamson Library circulation desk (bring your student ID).

  • In class: we will get to know each other! THIS MATTERS!
  • In class: we will talk about “connected learning” and “open education.”
  • In class: we will talk about “Interdisciplinary Studies.”
  • In class: we will make sure you are a registered IDS major.
  • In class: we will make sure you are a member of the Facebook group if you are on Facebook. [There is no reason to join Facebook for this course if you are not already using the platform.]
  • In class, we will help you add a bookmark for our course spreadsheet.
  • In class: we will hook you up on Twitter (our program hashtag is #PlymouthIDS; our class hashtag is #IDSintro; our program handle is @PlymouthIDS; my Twitter handle is @actualham). Using Tweedeck is recommended!
  • In class: we will hook you up with a account.
  • In class, we will begin to set up your new domain on PlymouthCreate. Click here for instructions. (If you already have a fully operational website, see me for permission to forego the new domain.)
  • In class, we will discuss the Interview assignment.
  • IDS Open Hours are TBD. Make sure you visit to get assistance when you need it!
  • The IDS office is open TBD. You can get help there, as well!


  • Email a professor and get an interview meeting set up for this week (the week of the 18th)!
  • Bring a laptop to class every time we meet!
  • Read Gregorian: “Colleges Must Reconstruct the Unity of Knowledge“. Livetweet the reading OR tweet about your reactions to it when you’re done reading. Use the course hashtag #IDSintro.
  • Read Watters: The Web We Need to Give Students.” Annotate with H.
  • Read Rikard: “Do I Own My Domain if You Grade It?” Annotate with H.
  • Edit your ABOUT Page on your ePort.  Add an image!
  • Play around with Header Images and Themes on your ePort until you like what you see!
  • Make sure your Twitter handle, username, and ePort URL are logged on our spreadsheet.
  • Write an ePort post (not a PAGE! a POST!) in which you discuss the three readings for today. In your post, explore how these articles work together to set a scaffold for your IDS education. What do you like about these readings? How do they make you think differently about how you will learn and how you will work this semester? Use quotes from each article to add specificity to your thoughts. Log the URL for this post (not your ePort and not your wp-admin editing page, but the post itself!) on our spreadsheet.
  • In class, we will talk about the Interview assignment, the IDS program requirements, the IDS contract, the workshop sign-off sheet, the advisor meetings, and adding openly licensed images and links to your posts.

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