IS4425: Course Schedule

This syllabus will change as the semester unfolds. Print at your own peril!

Tuesday, September 5 Bring a laptop if you have one! If you don’t have one, check one out using your student ID at the Lamson Library circulation desk.

    • Getting to know each other!
    • Intro & Expectations: A Learner-Driven, Connected Curriculum
    • Make sure you:
      • have an ePort. It needs to have an About page with a photo of some sort, a blog page for posting work, and a license (I recommend a Creative Commons license). It should have social media sharing buttons on the blog section of the site. Here’s some more info about Creative Commons licenses if you are new to them:

Wanna Work Together? from Creative Commons on Vimeo.

  • have a Twitter account at and add a bio and profile photo.  Send a test tweet and use the course hashtag, #IDSsem. Follow our program account: @PlymouthIDS.  My Twitter handle is @actualham. The program hashtag is #PlymouthIDS. If you prefer an alternate PLN plan besides Twitter, please propose it! If you do not create an alternate PLN plan, then add a Twitter widget to your ePort. On Twitter, you should focus on:
    • Following 1-10 new academic and professional–acaprof–accounts per day
    • A minimum of 1 simple acaprof retweet a day
    • A minimum of 1 quoted retweet a day
    • A minimum of 1 reply a day
    • A minimum of 1 acaprof tweet of your own per day
    • 1-10 favorites per day
    • Active use of the #IDSSem and #PlymouthIDS hashtags
    • Active use of acaprof hashtags
    • Use of helpful apps (Twitter for mobile; Tweetdeck; etc)
    • 5 days a week (minimum) of this tweeting. 10 minutes a day or so.
  • Alternative plans could include:
    • Trying to grow an open-source community on a noncommercial platform like (Why? Because you don’t trust the for-profit motivations at Twitter to help you steward an acaprof network; because you enjoy developing new technologies and building new public tech architectures for the future.)
    • Regularly reading and blogging about print journals and sharing those blog posts with the authors, orgs, and readers of those journals where possible. (Why? Because you have one or two acaprof journals that you think are really helpful and you are willing to subscribe to them or access them daily to read and take notes, and you like more in-depth reaction rather than the brevity of Twitter.)
    • Subscribing to 10-15 acaprof blogs and posting comments on them, and blogging about what you learn and sharing those posts back to the comments (Why? Because you enjoy collating websites and prefer to receive your news as targeted posts from a small cohort rather than as a constant stream, and because you enjoy commenting more than simple retweets or annotated retweets; because you enjoy having more control over the algorithms that deliver your news to your feed.)
    • Attending at least 3 webinars a month and 1 or more acaprof conferences a year and blogging about them and sharing those blogs with the participants (Why? Because you enjoy more in-depth and face-to-face interactions with people; because you would rather learn from “live” colleagues instead of from browsing through text or links.)
    • Using some other process to slowly and deliberately build an acaprof community from which you can learn on a near-daily basis and TO WHICH YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE every week. Anything is fine, but come confer with me!
  • have a account. You can use an alias if you prefer more anonymity.
  • JOIN our Facebook page now for announcements, fun links, job offers, etc. You are encouraged to do this ONLY if you already have a Facebook account.
  • have logged your Twitter handle, username, and ePort URL to our spreadsheet. If you are doing an alternate PLN, please just put N/A (or add other relevant links).
  • If you need help with any of this, attend our special IDS Open Hours on Mondays (5-9pm) in Lamson 003.  You can also get help at the IDS office in Lamson 003 anytime they are open:
    • M-F 8:30am-5pm
    • The office phone number is (603) 535-2510


Tuesday, September 12  Laptops Required At All Classes

  • Check the list of work for 9/5 above and make sure you have it all complete by 5pm today.
  • POST TO ePORT: Make sure your IDS Application Essay is posted on your ePort (you can dress it up with hyperlinks and properly-cited images if you want). Log it on our spreadsheet, and tweet the link to it to our hashtag (#IDSsem).
  • PLN: You are a week into your PLN development. Please note that you will not be reminded of this again! We will talk about the PLN development tonight in class so that you are clear, so don’t worry too much if you wobbled this first week.
  • In class, we will talk about the research article (RA), the applied project (AP), the summary synthesis, and your final presentation.

Tuesday, September 19

  • Read
    • The Big Terms
    • FRUIT
    • Concepts for DOING Interdisciplinarity
    • Content, Methods, Epistemologies
    • These are all in the “Terms and Concepts” section of our textbook; annotate each with If you need help using, swing by our IDS office!
  • Comment on the IDS Essays of one or two of your classmates. Explore what you find most inspiring and/or compelling about their program. Using our course hashtag (#IDSsem), tweet out any programs that you think are really exciting or interesting, with a (very, very) brief, tweetable explanation about why the post is worth reading.
  • Post on your ePort, in a single post:
    • Brainstorm five ideas for your research article, and explain why each one is interesting to you and worthwhile for your field or your community. Explore what you think would be the major challenges of each idea. List the key disciplines that contribute research to each idea (make sure each idea has at LEAST two distinct disciplines).  Make sure your five ideas are all at least loosely related to your major.
    • In the same post, brainstorm five ideas for your applied project, and explain why each one is interesting to you and worthwhile for your field or your community. Explore what you think would be the major challenges of each idea. Make sure your five ideas are all at least loosely related to your major.
    • Make sure you log the link to your post on our spreadsheet. Make sure your link is not to your ePort, but to THIS POST in particular, and make sure it does not have “wp-admin” in the URL, since that is your editing screen, not the actual post. If you need help creating a post, swing by our IDS office!
    • Tweet your post to our hashtag when you’re done.  If you need help with Twitter, swing by our IDS office! When you tweet, try not to do this:Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 5.10.05 PMInstead, try something like this:Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 5.11.41 PM

Tuesday, September 26

  • Comment on the article/project posts of at least two of your classmates.  Offer feedback on which ideas seem most exciting, which ones seem most do-able and/or challenging, etc.  Offer helpful resources or problem-solving tips if you have them. Using our course hashtags, tweet out any posts you read that you think are really exciting or interesting.
  • Read and annotate with The History of the Academy and the Disciplines in our textbook.
  • Select a research article topic and applied project and come ready to discuss them both in class.
  • In class: testing our knowledge and understanding on the big terms and concepts from last week.
  • In class: writing the prospectuses and getting started with your work.

Tuesday, October 3

Final Exam is Tuesday, 12/19, 6:30-9pm in Frost Academic Commons.

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